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Hear It From Them

The 200 ft porch and 700 ft deck with wheelchair accessibility are impressive. The craftsmanship is superb, and the structure is both visually stunning and functional. It provides ample space for entertainment, relaxation, and outdoor enjoyment.

Richard Ullman

I have got a new 1200 deck in my back yard for relax, dining and play, the quality of the structure is great and it looks phenomenal. I would highly recommend Sam and his team to build your deck

Sue Oliver

MasterDeck's team have build my second-story wood balcony and roof extension, also the stairs, and fence. It is a beautiful addition to the building, with high-quality materials and compliant design. It's visually appealing, and regular maintenance will ensure its safety and longevity. Overall, it's a great investment in the value and functionality of the property.

David Bray



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